Football and futsal championships to fill a year of play, fun and motivation!

Disputed in La Cerdanya, Andorra and Coma-ruga.

International Futsal & Football Cup & Campus (I.F.C.)
was born from the hand of a group of professionals from the world of sports, and specifically from the world of futsal and football.

The organization of the Copa Cerdanya Futsal Championship, in La Cerdanya, and of the Women’s Football Campus, support us.
The experience and professionalism towards the proposals we offer, will make all those who trust us spend unforgettable days, both in the field of sports and landscaping.

Andorra, La Cerdanya and Coma-ruga will be the sports venues or we will develop all our events, always looking for the human and sports training of all those who participate.


Futsal championships held in La Cerdanya and Andorra in June, July and September 2021.

Futsal Copa Cerdanya

Senior Futsal Cup

International Futsal Cup


International Girls Football Cup

International Women’s Football Cup

Women’s weekend championships, in June and July.
In Andorra, in an environment with the most spectacular landscapes that nature can offer us and enjoying the sport we love the most, football.


Andorra Futsal Camp

Coma-ruga Futsal Camp

One-week futsal campus in Andorra and Coma-ruga during the months of July, August and September 2021.